How to start your exercise journey

We at Personal Touch Group Fitness want to provide every individual the opportunity to obtain complete physical wellness.  Some may want to try every class to see which one fits their needs. Some may find just one targeted class works for them. And others may choose a few classes which give their bodies a well – rounded training.

A few ideas of what a well-rounded work out could like:

Suggestion #1 :  Pilates,  Barre and  Yoga

Combined, these classes help in balancing your body’s mechanics. Pilates builds up core strength for endurance, Barre increases your body’s movements, Yoga brings that much needed stretch and flexibility.

Suggestion #2:   Zumba, Sculpting / Muscle Shaping and Yoga

We call these three “The Triangle”. Cardio for heart and lungs, Sculpting for strength and Yoga for flexibility.

Suggestion #3:   Tabata,  Band Challenge and Aerial Serenity

You may say, hmmm … that’s an interesting combination. Tabata brings oxygen to the muscle tissue while Band Challenge gets them nice and warm to lead into Serenity’s class for optimal stretch which ends with a mindful guided medication.

Suggestion #4:  Zumba and  Silver ’n’ Fit

This is a great combo for seniors, those just starting an exercise program or coming back to exercise since a hiatus. The two classes are a nice balance of cardio and toning.

Need more options?  Talk to us and we’ll create the perfect “personal touch” combo that is right for you.

We owe it to ourselves to keep an open mind and heart for our healthy future