“Why I Joined” ….


Although exercise has always been important to me, I wasn’t doing a very consistent job with it until about 10 years ago, when I was first introduced to a small exercise studio in Pitman, NJ.

I tried working out on my own at home, at several different gyms, as well as a barrage of online classes – to no avail. I have to say that in all those modes of exercise, my workout program was very scattered with no consistency. However, at Personal Touch Group Fitness, I find myself in a workout program that I look forward to and actually work my personal schedule around the studio’s schedule. What is the difference about this studio from all the other workout venues? The studio offers a vast array of exercise classes working out all parts of the body, with instructors that are very diverse and exhibit a genuine care and concern about each individual and their workout goals.  What is so motivating at Personal Touch besides the work out – is the people. People at Personal Touch welcome each and every person coming though it’s doors. The camaraderie is contagious, and many close friendships have developed over time there. I couldn’t have found a more perfect place to exercise and hope to continue this journey many more years to come!


Since joining PTF 13 yrs ago, I firmly believe that I would not be as mobile or flexible at my tender age (83).

If not for the motivation I receive from the instructors and friends I have made at the studio to cheer me on.  Being a part of the group/team is a highlight of my week.


I’ve always appreciated the importance of exercise. The problem was, I could never figure out one I liked enough to stay with. Large gym, small gym. Circuit style, independent equipment. Treadmill at home (great clothes hanger), weights in the basement (too cold in winter), video tapes on the old TV in a spare upstairs bedroom (jumping jacks are not so good for the chandelier in the room below). Over the course of many years, I felt I had tried it all. But I was determined to find something that would stick.  I’d hear my chiropractor gently reminded me each month during my monthly adjustment: “You’re too stiff ! How much computer work did you do this month at work ?”

And then I saw Joyceann in the grocery store. We’ve known each other since junior high and I was always bumping into her around town. She looked happy. And she glowed. I knew she was an aerobics instructor in town but didn’t know anything about the studio other than seeing various ladies coming and going out of it. Laughing. And glowing. I wanted that.

After calling her and discussing my body’s weak points, she came up with  3 class suggestions which turned out to be the magic ticket for me. Several years later, I am still there, growing the list from 3 to 5 classes a week.  I’m laughing. I’m glowing. And after 20 years of monthly visits to my chiropractor, he’s telling me I finally figured it out.